BAS Returns and Lodgement

You don't have to be a Monthly Packages client to utilise our BAS Lodgement services

When it comes to balancing the books and keeping clients compliant with BAS, IAS monthly and quarterly lodgements that is what we do best.   We offer either a regular service, lodging all your returns as they become due, or a one-off “as required” service – depending on your needs.


BAS Return Lodgements from $100* per BAS.


Lodgements are submitted electronically via Xero Tax portal.   All BAS lodgements are checked and prepared by Denise Twigger, BAS Agent.

Leave balancing the books to us.

Preparing and lodging your BAS is included in our Starter, Basics, Standard or Deluxe Monthly Xero Packages, but you do not have to be a Monthly Xero Packages client to be able to utilise our services to lodge your BAS.


*price quoted is excluding gst.

Benefits to having Bas’s & Balances lodge your BAS Return include:

  • Using our services gives you an extended time to lodge and pay your BAS – how nice to know the money can stay in your bank for an extra month before handing it over to the ATO. Money in your account earning interest is better than money in the ATO account earning them interest!
  • As we are a BAS Agent, the ability for you to make use of the so-called “Safe Harbour” provisions. Broadly, this means that ATO penalties will no longer apply to you.

Don’t get fined for being late with your BAS