Cloud Integration

Make running your business simpler & more efficient with paperless business solutions

We love the cloud and are passionate about educating our clients on how simple it is to run your business without pen and paper. You will be amazed at how easy and quick it is. Once you take the plunge, we believe you’ll be beating yourself up that you didn’t change earlier, but you will be forever grateful you did.


What’s your paperwork headache?

We can address your paperwork headache by finding and implementing a solution to meet your needs – whether you want job management, job scheduling, a property maintenance system or something more. We have access and knowledge of tried and tested apps to suit most SMEs. Challenge us to find your perfect paperless world and we will guarantee you two things – time saved and money saved. Win win!

How Xero works

Xero features include:

  • Automated daily bank feeds
  • Fast, simple and customised invoicing
  • Real time collaborating with your advisor (us and your accountant)
  • Safe and secure
  • No more backups or rollover of data
  • No installation or IT maintenance required
  • Fully featured Payroll
  • BAS Returns
  • Expense Claims
  • Multi-Currency
  • Free online Support

Want the ease of taking care of your cashflow wherever and whenever you like? Xero is a secure fully featured finance package. Unlike a lot of software programs Xero is accessed by using a web browser like Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. As long as you have an internet connection you will have access – so you can be in the Bahamas and still deal with your cash flow!


Using this method of bookkeeping you never have to worry about your system crashing and data becoming lost or corrupted. If your computer is stolen, unless the thieves have your secure login information, they will not have access to your data. If you need information at any time 24/7 all you need to do is connect to the internet open your web browser and log into your accounts. Of course security is of the highest importance, which is why Xero employ the same level of protection as the major banks. If you feel safe using online banking you will be just as safe with online bookkeeping!


Drowning in paperwork? We have a solution for you.