10 reasons why you should engage a BAS Agent

Are you a micro business, one man operation?

Are you a small business with a couple of team members that are on the road with you or in their own fleet vehicle?

Do you have a glove box full of receipts that you will get too one day?

Do you have parking receipts on your dashboard that have faded due to the sun exposure?

Are you behind in BAS lodgements?

Do you have to report monthly, quarterly or annually?

Are you registered for GST?

Do you report on a cash or Accrual basis?

Do you have to pay PAYG Instalments?

Are you paying wages?

Can you related to any of the above?

Can you afford NOT to engage a BAS agent to help with your ATO compliance?

From as little as $120* per quarter we can take care of your BAS requirements.

Here are at least 10 reasons to engage a BAS agent:

  1. We are qualified
  2. We have insurance so you (the client) and us (the practice) have peace of mind
  3. We have to complete at least 15 hours of CPE training a year
  4. We are answerable to the Tax Practitioners Board
  5. We are the experts when dealing with Tradies and know the ATO requirements of your industry. Including TPAR reports on behalf of our clients.
  6. We act on your behalf when dealing with the ATO
  7. We can often get extensions for our clients lodgements
  8. We can often have fees and interest charges from the ATO reversed on behalf of our clients
  9. The ATO look favourably on a business that has engaged a BAS Agent.
  10. The client knows this major part of reporting to the ATO is in safe hands

Contact our office on 08 9293 3660 to arrange a free one to one discussion on how we can help you.

*plus GST

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